So, we had a dinner party today and on the menu they wanted chocolate mousse, caramel center, caramel glaze.  This is what I came up with.  65-72 domes later, plates laid out, 21 sauced and chocolate "soil" set, come to find out that it was cancelled.   No one told us.  Oh well, Chef de Cuisine got a dessert.  I just cleaned up, had lunch, then moved on to making tiramisu for tomorrow's lunch.

Components are: Chocolate Mousse with Caramel Brulee and Praline Feuilletine Center, Caramel Glaze, Chocolate Sauce and Soil, Caramelized Rice Krispies


Adriana Iris said…
your blog is beautiful... do you wish to do a guest post on mine?
Would love to share you with my readers.
Erin said…
@Adriana-Thank you for the wonderful compliment! I'll check out your blog and get in touch with you soon!

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