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New Year, New Look!

Happy New Year!!

Someone recently asked me, working hard, or hardly working? A little bit of both actually! For a while we were very short staffed at my "new" job, which meant putting in long hours and long weeks, but we pulled through. Needless to say, that meant "hardly working" at home in my kitchen and on my blog. But I've put in my hours and am learning a lot, and I hope to bring more of that here in 2009.

In my seven months at this hotel, I've gone from learning the banquets menu, to establishing breakfast standards, to running breakfast, training others (thank goodness we got two new people in October), to running brunch. Now I'm learning another facet of the pastry business as well as honing other skills. I made it through another year and am looking forward to the next.

I really wanted to post something today, though it will be a brief one. As you can see, there are a few changes to the layout. Though I have neglected to post anything, I h…