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The End of Summer

Summer, where have you gone? In between sleepless nights and long workdays, I have lost a large chunk of my year. It started out promising with the first day of the Farmers Market, and ended up here. Me, sitting in front of my computer scratching my head wondering what, exactly, have I done?

I've been to the Market outside my window twice. Yes, twice. Though many a Saturday morning I have found myself (as on many other mornings) awake twisted in my sheets, hearing the first trucks pull in and start setting up. And when the sun starts to make an appearance, I fall asleep, only to wake a few hours later just in time to shower and head off to work. I did manage to go to the Green Street Market. Once. And was too tired really to be impressed with anything. I actually bought something, not because I really wanted to cook and eat it, but because I felt I was supposed to. What little produce I did manage to buy died on my counter or in my fridge. I am ashamed.

My birthday. Yes…