My Famous S'mores Tarts!

Are on the Time Out Chicago's Eat Out Awards photos!!! I'm including a link below.

Eat Out Awards for 2013. Now you'll have to scroll over to the 4th photo, I think. And then they pop up again later in the slideshow. Kinda proud of these simple beauties!

Other than creating famous pastries, I'm training for my first 5 mile run on May 5. Yes, you read that right, I'm running the Cinco de Miler, baby! with my friend Jennifer. Then, on May 18, we're running the Zombie Shuffle. We plan to run another Hot Chocolate 5K in November, and I'm hoping to sign up for a run on my birthday. Interesting way to celebrate.

So, in order to see photos of my tarts, check out the link!


Limner said…
Oh, yum! I've never eaten s'mores but I'd try those. Congrats. :)

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