Summer Update

I haven't posted in ages.

I'm waiting for my grain rice mix to cook.

I'm trying to condense these past couple of months into a post without going overboard.

I had a birthday.  Ate at Sepia and had a wonderful time.

Enjoyed a tasting menu at Aviary.  Had a wonderful time.

Worked about 70-80 hours a week for about a month.  Short-staffed.  Frustrated.  Exhausted.  Don't remember much.

Got a dessert published on BizBash.

Changed the desserts in Small Plates.

Wait?  What?  Go back? Which part did you miss?

Many things have been happening at work and not having enough people to do the work has been tough, but I've been pretty well-seasoned from working at NoMI and Trump to be able to "make it happen."  We are finally having a slow week, and I have finally had two days off in a week (in a row even!), and am catching up on rest and am getting bored.  Cafe items is up to par stock.  Banquets and Small Plates is just about up to par stock.

Did I tell you I had to write someone up?  First time, and I took it pretty poorly, if you ask me.  You would have thought I was the one in trouble.  But enough about that.

Remember that dessert duet I did for a tasting a while back?  Well, that same dessert was shot and published on BizBash!  When the catering manager for the group told me the news, she was so excited!  When I got the link from her, I immediately forwarded it to my parents.  I'm still in shock!  It's shot from the back, but still . . .  My first bit of "publicity"!  Woot!  Check out the slideshow here.  It's the last photo.

Last, but not least, here are the shots of the new desserts for Small Plates.  Please excuse the hastily shot iPhone pics.

Poppy Seed Cake, Yuzu Curd, Fresh Blueberries, Caramelized Honey Ale Sauce

Yogurt Mousse, Rhubarb Compote, Oat Groat Crisp, Micro Basil, Tuile

Chocolate Tart, Chocolate Sable, Caramelized Cocoa Nibs and Hazelnuts, Chantilly Cream


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Um . . . Like, where's a spoon? A fork? Tongs? Ah! I'll just use me fingers.

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