Today the company executives came for an all-day meeting.  They had the Continental breakfast, lunch, and cookies for afternoon break.  I started creating this dessert on Friday, and finished execution today.  I have to say that this is the first dessert I have been happy with upon completion.  Usually I find fault with my desserts almost immediately after plating and sending it out.  Even my Chef was very pleased.  The execs were impressed and I got great feedback!

I am calling it Spring? temporarily because for the most part, it has been grey, rainy, and chilly and it's almost May!  I can't wait for the days to warm up and the farmers markets to be open!  I am excited to get out and buy local produce again and cook fresh veggies and fruits!  The browns are earth tones, and the muted green of the lime "caviar" and the tender leaves of the micro basil are tentative signs of approaching spring weather.

Originally I had planned and was finally excited to use finger limes.  I'd read about them over a year ago, and tasted one brought in by a vendor as a sample to Trump when I worked there.  But, unfortunately, the crops aren't doing well, so they are not available, though their season has technically started.  Instead, I broke out my reverse spherification kit and made lime "caviar" instead.  I had researched the method thoroughly, and was able to get it right the first time!  I loved giving people samples and watching their faces as the little pearls burst in their mouth, little squirts of fresh lime juice surprising them!  The texture of the cremeux was spot on, but I wanted to firm it up a little more so that it would not crack while being transported on the speed rack to the banquet room, but without compromising the creaminess too much.  The only thing I would change-now that I think of it-is I would glaze the cremeux next time, instead of using a chocolate spray.  When thawing, the cremeux shrank a little, pulling away from the spray "shell" which cracked some.  I finally used the coupe bowls, a new dish for us.  They're petty cool, asymmetrical in shape with the back of the bowl higher than the front.

Roasted Valrhona Iviore on a Moist Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Soil, Lime Caramel, 
Lime "Caviar", Micro Basil, Chocolate Dentelle


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