In Praise of Carrots or The Rice isn't Ready & the Fish Fell Apart

Yea-ya (ala Dave Chappell).

Posting this while I wait for the rice I thought was ready to finish cooking (I always start cooking rice first).

Or it may just be carrots and fish now, rice later.

10 points goes to the photo looking better on my computer than on my blog.

I used my Benriner with the cross blade to cut the carrot.  Brought water to boil, salted it, dropped the shreds in, watched until color brightened, strained, put back into the pan and seasoned them.  The heat from the pilot light kept them warm.  They were delightfully al-dente!

Just for the record, the fish didn't "fall apart" one fillet broke in two places.  I'm dramatic sometimes.

Did you know that fish fillet has 2 l's and filet mignon has only 1? Just realized this myself!


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