2010 Summed Up

2010 was a year to remember.  Things I learned:

I can stand up for myself.  I don't have to put up with being treated unfairly.

Let go of something that isn't working.  Don't stay in a bad situation because you're afraid of change.  If the next opportunity doesn't work out, then at least you're no longer putting up with the stuff you did before.  Plus it makes the next transition easier.

I can bake and store large wedding cakes at home.  I can stack one in my tiny fridge.  And no matter how perfect it looks, a very helpful boyfriend can and often will accidentally stick his finger into it helping you move it.

My friend is very creative and talented.  If I got married soon, I'd definitely ask her to help with the decorations!  Her wedding decorations were gorgeous!

I have a pretty good eye for photography.

I have a great family.  They're funny and generous and I'd love to spend more time with them.

There are pastry/cooking jobs out there that not only give you sick days and vacation, but you get major holidays off.  I'm quickly getting used to this.

I've also learned that I'm in desperate need of a vacation.  I know I've been there twice, but Paris calls to me and I can't ignore it any longer.  This year I'm working hard to save up for 1012.  That's when I get vacation time.  I wonder if I could spend Christmas in Paris?

This is my year to learn and push myself in developing my talents.  I'm going to take advantage of this opportunity.  I'm going to relax into my stride and start getting comfortable doing great things because I want to do amazing things in my career.

So, that being said, if I were to resolve to do something this year, I guess it would be to do more of what I've learned.  Stop letting fear make my decisions.  Be more comfortable in my skin.  Take more risks, do more for and with my family and great friends.


Limner said…
My, how we have grown. Congratulations.

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