Recap: Summer is Ending

It’s now the end of the summer.  Though not officially Fall, I can feel a change in the atmosphere signaling it's quick arrival.  My blog has been untouched for a while.  It’s not that I haven’t been busy, on the contrary.  In between 8- and 10-day weeks, I’ve squeezed in a few projects and many sleepless nights.  It’s just now that I’ve really been able to catch up on rest.  Last week I took the ServSafe test, and to my surprise got a 3-day weekend (as a reward?), and after two days of social obligations and light housework I took Saturday as my "Me Time" day.  That's right, 24 hours of bad tv-Lifetime had a marathon titled You Can't Handle the Youth-staying in bed, and eating whatever I found in the fridge.

Roasted Peach Chevre Tart with Cornmeal Crust
The August dinner at Prairie Fruits Farms was a success and a blast!  I hardly remember much of it since the Saturday prior I had a wedding cake which, despite planning out the work, due to unfortunate events which put me behind, I started losing sleep by the Wednesday prior.  And what with picking up ingredients from Green City Market and prepping two tasting desserts within a 6-day work week (I had one full day other than before and after my day job), I’m surprised I didn’t sleep through and dream the event.  I’m still editing photos and sorting through some of the good ones.  I tried to shoot the farm chickens for my mom since she just loves hens and roosters.  I don’t know how other people get photos of the frustrating birds, they never stand still long enough for you to get a decent shot!  Then picking and eating peaches right off the tree, the warm fragrant juice dripping off of my fingers into the palm of my hand, running down my arm, was one of the best experiences this year.  Returning to the city-too soon-I rested that Sunday before starting a birthday cake for a friend.  I guess it was the lack of sleep and tight schedule, but I really wasn’t proud of that cake as far as what I really wanted to do with it.  But, A. was happy and that’s what matters.  That and sleep.
Almond Cake with Goats Milk Jam, Farm Blackberries

So, what else is going on?  I’m just playing around with ingredients and recipes.  Coming up with a couple of things for casual dining restaurants.  Nothing fancy, just something a harried cold apps cook can put on a plate without compromising the dessert, or asking too much of the cook.  Basically a dessert, sauce, garnish.  Cross fingers and hope for the best sort of deal.
Azuki Cheesecake with Crispy Mochi

I’m ashamed to say that my photography skills haven’t advanced much.  And although I sleep with my Nikon and take a couple of crappy shots from my bed when I think to use it-house plants??-I haven’t done as much shooting as I would like to.  I hope that I can change that soon.
Catching shade underneath the peach trees

But until then, you may see a random shot or maybe something I took a month or more ago.  I seem to get caught up in details such as angles and framing or editing and I never seem to like my photos as much as other people do.  I’m so critical of myself.  But that’s good, isn’t it?


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