Fruit Tarts and Summer

It's summer.  I've had a birthday.  I've changed shifts at work.  I'm getting used to nights.  I'm visiting the farmers markets.  I'm trying to start a new venture.  I'm baking cupcakes for C.'s parties.  I'm surviving.  I'm missing the summer.  I bought myself a great birthday present.  I'm learning how to shoot with my new Nikon D5000.  I'm learning to see things in a different way.

I'm torn.  I'm excited to cook with the beautiful produce available to me at this time of year, and yet I want to spend as much time outside as possible.  I managed to bake myself a birthday cake, and make some fresh fruit tarts.

Projects abound: two weddings, a birthday.  Cakes to make and decorate, candies to package as favors.  Ideas to sketch and execute, details to go over.  S'mores cupcakes to make for a Fourth of July party this Sunday.  Up early Saturday to shoot the market.  Friday before work, it's the Taste (again).  There's a new bakery to discover, Floriole.

I hope you'll be patient with me and my blog.  I hope you'll enjoy learning about light and styling, and photo editing with me.  I'm excited.  I hope you'll get out and enjoy some of the sunshine and breeze, festivals, and concerts.  Cross your fingers and say a few good words for me.  Wish me luck, and maybe you'll be able to buy some of my treats in the (near) future!


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