Building S'mores Cupcakes

It's a holiday.  People should be out cooking over an open flame, enjoying a beer maybe, watching fireworks, chasing kids with water balloons.  But, there are those who choose to enjoy their holiday at a fine dining establishment.  Why?  Who are these people?  Seriously folks, it's an outdoor fun holiday!!!!!!  I am working, but I did manage to make cupcakes for C.'s outdoor extravaganza.  S. will be delivering them while I'm waiting for people to choose their desserts for the evening.  Should I mention that these will be enjoyed out-of-doors?  Maybe peeps will pick up on that and take the hint for next year.

Ganache filled . . .

'Mallow topped . . .


Have a safe and fun filled 4th!!!


Limner said…
mmm delicious! More smores, plz!

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