A Thoughtful Break

After April's dinner, I haven't done much. I'm in Texas, helping my mother around the house. She had her rotator cuff repaired almost two weeks ago. I was prepared to head back and do another dinner by the end of next week, and start a part-time job. She got her staples out today, and the incision looks great. She's excited about her recovery and am happy for her. Unfortunately she's going to have limited mobility for the next 4 weeks.

So, here I am with this huge kitchen but no inspiration. Well, that and no tools. It's kinda ironic, don't you think? I have been cooking, and a couple of desserts, but the oven isn't baking right which took me a couple of tries to figure that out (a fact my dad tells me after I've nearly burned the shortcakes!). I have been keeping in the loop via blogs, Facebook, and Twitter and must admit that I am jealous to be missing out on my Green City Market this week. I've been having rhubarb dreams again, and it seems that everyone is getting their hands on some but me. Rhub and I have been doing this little dance; when I'm not available, she's in abundance, but when I'm ready to bake, I can't find any good stalks because everyone has bought it all! Oh well, c'est la vie! There's always next year, right?


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