Projects, New and Old; Big and Small

It's not every day that I'm struck with the lightning bolt of creativity. More days than not are culinary disasters. Case in point, the other morning I was craving pancakes, and got up to make them. My milk was frozen and so I used heavy cream that I thinned out. DID NOT WORK. No worries, I thought. I'll just make some toast. BURNED IT. So, I got back in bed and waited for lunch time. Macarons. Well, though I've made them successfully at work, I can't at home. They're beautiful, feet and all, smooth shell, but also HOLLOW. Yes, I've been humbled in a lot of my endeavors, but I carry on.

I had countless notebooks, pads, paper scraps-not to mention pages bookmarked under "Recipes to Try," notes in my phone-laying around the house with ideas, thoughts, flavors, sketches, recipes (untitled, I might add and often just ingredient lists) scribbled in them that nag at me constantly. Some are small, like cupcakes for a friend's party, cookies I'm craving. Or making Whoopie Pies to use up a jar of 'Mallow Fluff I found in the cabinet.

While tackling the little things, I've had this larger one lurking in the background. Part of me tried to ignore it, but since I haven't any other excuses, I decided to finish it and test it out. I finally cut, glazed and tasted it today. While I am happy with the initial results in that I don't have to start from square 1, there are a few things to tweak. I won't divulge details other than it's called "The Candy Bar." Since this dessert was built in my half-sheet frame, I'm going to need a lot of friends to help me finish this one off before I can make another one (and pass out pieces of that too). Until then, enjoy this teaser in anticipation.


Anonymous said…
Not fair! I'm going to have to buy twinkies, coat them with chocolate, and eat the lot! And repeat until you share or tell!

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