Sunday, December 06, 2009


I got home from work to find this photo from my mom in my email. It really made me laugh as remembered our Thanksgiving. See, S. and I went to Texas where he met my family-with the exception of my dad-for the first time. Well, my parents and I are Pescetarians, but we had other family, who, along with S. eat meat, so we decided to roast a hen for them, salmon for us. At some point, I asked S. where the wishbone was on the carcass and he helped me find it. I cleaned it up and took it to my mom. See, when I was growing up, that was my favorite piece of chicken. After dinner, my mom and I would make a wish and break it. Another childhood memory is the experiment where we put a wishbone into a jar with vinegar. After a few days, the bone turned to "rubber." It was nice laughing and sharing memories with my mom.

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Limner said...

A great trip down memory lane. Bet the poor chicken "wished" it had never gotten caught. Hehehe.