I'm sorry, but would you like a Christmas cookie?

First of all, I must apologize because this might be my lamest post yet. How lame? About as lame as the "snow" we're getting "all weekend." Yeah. Exactly. While my friends post on Facebook how they're playing in piles of snow with their kids, I'm walking to work and home in light, misty condensation, cursing the weatherman. He's getting nothing from me this year (like he has every year).

My second apology is for not photographing the candies I made. Nougat, Darjeeling Tea Caramels, and Pecan Toffee, one side covered in dark chocolate, the other, milk chocolate. I went to Paper Source and bought card stock, ribbons, sticker seals, the works. I cut squares, made paper cones, and put candies in, closed them with many things that didn't work for the most part, shipped off some goodies, and passed out the rest. Yeah, they were cute, but I've got a lot of fine tuning to do.

My third apology is for the quality of the photo that I did post of my Christmas cookies. The lighting is poor, the angle awful, and well, it doesn't show any interest or passion. Let's just say I was tired. That I had a glass of wine as a reward for the home stretch which was interrupted because S. wanted to meet friends for a bite to eat and I'd washed my hair (but hadn't styled it), found myself sobering up while hurriedly sandwiching cookies-darn that one broke, eat it, they'll never know-come back home to pack them up, tie them down, and get them ready for my friends. All this in between snap here, snap there, gotta get to bed so I can go to work tomorrow. Just a few pics as proof that I did do something. Yeah. I was ready to be done with the whole project, and the photos show it. I really need to invest in some good lighting to say the least. I don't get any direct sunlight in here, and lamps aren't cutting it.

Good news is that people love the cookies so far and I'm happy that I was able to make someone's day. These next few days are about getting them delivered and out of the house, so that I can do a massive rest and relax for my own sanity.

The cookies pictured are Orange Cardamom with a Dark Milk Ganache and Amadeus Cookies, which I decided to make in the 11th hour. I'd made sesame cookies, pictured below.


Anonymous said…
Me want cookies! Me-me-me-me want cookies NOW! Um . . . Am I on your cookie list? I've been soooo good, you won't believe how good. I will trade you snow for cookies. I will buy you six lamps for cookies. Those cookies! I will eat your cookies for free. Whadda ya say, lady?

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