Early Bird/Christmas Planning

I can't sleep. Or more accurately, I woke up way too early (4:30-ish) and can't go back to sleep. Yeah, I know, it's not fair, but what am I to do? So, with nothing good on tv, I've been online looking for more packaging ideas for my Christmas goodies. Well, I have ideas, but I think I'm looking for inspiration to perfect what I already have. I want to fine tune a few things.

S. and I had a lovely Thanksgiving at home in Texas with my family. Now, it's December 2, and I don't know where the time has gone! This happens every year, and it never fails; time begins to speed up November 22 and next thing you know, it's January 1. I'm getting that feeling in the pit of my stomach that I'll never get things done in time for Christmas. Before I know it, I'll be rushing to the post office, and trying to deliver goodies almost in a panic, cursing myself for not planning better. Although I've got my candy and cookie menu down, and the packaging squared away, I'm still online looking at what others are doing, or for just the perfect little box and bag. Then I see something great and I start to wonder if I should change this, or do that in addition to what I've already got on my plate. I know, maybe I should just get it done, and then look. That way, it's too late to second guess or make changes.

Years ago my mom and I started a tradition of baking Christmas cookies for our friends and family. Our sources were Better Homes & Gardens cookbook, Martha Stewart's Holiday Cookies (I still have the 2001 and the 2006 editions; only I use the earlier edition more than the other). Since moving to Chicago and working in the industry (yes, I still find time to do all of this), I've expanded to candies and changed my cookie selection. I also bake and package cookies for the Treehouse Humane Society's annual Lights of Love bake sale.

For those of you who are baking items this year, I decided to share some of the things I found online for inspiration and resources. Even if I don't get to use all of them this year, there's always the next!

Nashville Wraps-a great packaging company, anything from cello bags, to boxes, ribbon
Martha Stewart.com-cute paper cones to hide goodies in. Best thing, you make then yourself!
Giver's Log-wonderfully creative ideas and links to sources
Rebecca Thuss-I found this one from Giver's Log site. She does wonderful work. More ideas for presenting your delightful goodies!
Paper Mart
Kitchen Krafts-for those of you who make candies, you'll find confectionary rulers for casting caramels and such as well as other great tools.

So now it's after 7. I should either try to take a nap, or just get cracking on all the things I need to do today. Maybe I'm up so early because I'm just so excited to get started? I dunno, but I do believe in the power of naps!

Happy Holiday-making!


GTA mls said…
Hi. I've got similar problem. In these days I sleep less than usual. There is still in my mind the issue of Christmas decoration of our house. It's not finished yet and I'm thinking about improving it. Fortunately, there is lot of inspiration on the internet. Another thing that is in my mind is the problem with gifts. I would like to be original this year but it's not so easy. Hopefully some good idea will cross my mind soon.

Have a nice day,

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