Breakfast for Someone Special

Maybe it's the weather-days upon days of rain and grey skies. Maybe it's just that I've run out of steam between working early mornings and appointments and such. Whatever it is, I've been tired lately and a bit uninspired. Between work and many doctor appointments (I think it's just because my birthday is coming up soon) I've been tired enough to take naps. But by my side there has been a certain someone helping me through. Though we don't get to spend a lot of time together with my working mornings and him working nights, out of town friends visiting, birthday celebrations, well-you get the idea-we do what we can.

I remembered him mentioning that he loves scones, and since I've become a bit of an expert making them every Sunday for brunch at work, I decided to do a little something special for him. It took a few days for the menu to come together, but I think it's simple enough that I won't spend the entire morning in the kitchen, but enough of an effort to be special. I often come across food articles and recipes almost every day, and somehow these ideas do stick (though I go to the store and always forget at least one item each trip!). I thought I'd add soft scrambled eggs with herbs, topped with goat cheese to go with the scones, but could not come up with a third item to round out the meal.

While picking up some raw hazelnuts in the bulk section at Whole Foods yesterday, I spied some dried organic blueberries and thought I'd use them for scones. And, though I searched hi and lo for some Devon cream, I had to substitute mascarpone and heavy cream (Fox & Obel had a tiny jar, but it was about $7!). Browsing the produce section I also picked up some small red potatoes and an onion to make skillet potatoes. Menu completed, all I had to do was a little prep before-hand (my place is a cozy studio which makes it difficult to be sneaky) so that the next day would be smooth sailing.


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