Happy Birthday to Me

I baked cupcakes to "celebrate" the occasion. Nothing too inspired, just chocolate cupcakes filled with a coconut caramel and topped with whipped milk chocolate ganache and salted toasted coconut.


eatandbehappy said…
Chocolate, coconut and caramel? That's one hell of a combination! Happy belated birthday!
jasmine said…
Happy belated birthday, sweetie!

jenjen said…
That looks scrumptious! Happy belated again, Erin, I'll see you in a few weeks!

I'm trying to start my own blog and was wondering if I could link to yours?
Mochene said…
Thanks for the birthday wishes! I took the day off and rested from work. Not exactly exciting, but I needed it.

eatandbehappy-Well, my favorite cake is German chocolate, but I didn't feel like making that. I decided to experiment a little.

jenjen-Sure, you can link to my blog. Can't wait to see yours!

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