Black & Tan/C'est La Vie!

Here's a twist: I'm eating a grilled cheese, nice and tan on one side, and erm, nicely blackened on the other (I'm a little out of practice, ok) and drinking my orange juice from a Guinness glass. It's the new classic!

Not much exciting going on at the moment. Still trying to get through the process of uploading my photos from Paris, working, and trying to work on a few things around the house and at the restaurant. My culinary projects include (but are not limited to): cashew custard, a wine pate de fruit, and new tuiles for the sorbets. I've worked out my blood orange friands (last night, finally!). Yesterday I made a batch of Jasmine Tea Caramels at home. All I need to do is cut, wrap, and give them away (of course I'll keep some here for myself).

Went to dinner Monday night at Sixteen at the Trump Tower with a couple of friends. I didn't take any pictures, but I broke down during dessert and snapped pics with my Nokia. I'll try to get those up by Friday. I'm having to create deadlines for myself, and it's all difficult. I mean, if I don't meet the deadline, what am I going to do?

(The photo was taken in Paris outside the Grand Palais. I wonder if it was any good?)


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