New Addition to the Family

Let me preface this by stating that I am such a nerd. I am. I admit it, with a bit of pride. I mean, who buys a kitchen scale and sends her friend a text message about her purchase with the name and model number? Who dreams about getting her box from UPS the night before only to find that it's filled with a Christmas present, not the scale she ordered and feels disappointed? Me. And I feel no shame. None at all. Now that I've gotten that off my chest, I'll tell you all about it.

Today I welcomed home my newest culinary purchase. I'd been meaning to replace my old Salter Electronic Aquatronic scale, purchased in Houston, TX before I moved to Chicago and started culinary school. As a starter scale, it was great, helping me to mise out recipes using pounds and ounces, liquid and dry. Even in school it came in handy, weighing things out for class since we didn't have a lot of scales, and it was digital. But now that I'm in the "industry" and most of the recipes we work with are in grams/kilograms, well, I realized that my trusty Salter didn't quite cut it. See, it measured grams in increments of 5-yes, 5 grams-at a time, which isn't as accurate as it could be. And the fact that it was battery operated started to be more of an inconvenience than an asset because it would shut off if left alone for more than a few seconds, making it frustrating to measure out ingredients. So, after months of online shopping-a tip from a co-worker turned me on to a site called my weigh-I finally found one I fell in love with and bought as a Christmas gift to myself a few days ago. I could hardly wait to get it from UPS and then out of the box. I found it even more difficult leaving it on my kitchen counter while I went to work. And all day, mising out ingredients, I thought about my prize waiting at home for me. It was a toss up between the KD-7000 Professional and the *new* Uber Deluxe 6000. They both had pretty much the same features, with the exception of the KD-7000 having pounds:ounces (both weigh in pounds, ounces, kilograms, grams), but I would have had to purchase an AC adaptor. So, I opted for the pretty, shiny, uber cool scale. I told my friend that I would end up weighing everything in my house, just to use it, but so far, I've just turned it on, played with the lights, and turned it off. Hey, I had to make sure the thing worked, right? This Uber Deluxe 6000 is some smooth baby. The power button is on the back, and on the front, there are two lights; one on the left and one on the right. Hold your finger over the left light and it tares out the weight of the container, hold it for more than three seconds, and it shuts off. The right light controls the modes. It's simple, clean design, no cracks for flour, sugar, and spices to fall into, just wipe and put away.

I'm looking forward to using my new scale next week when I make my Christmas candies and cookies for friends and co-workers. Tonight, though, I'll just leave it out on the counter (just in case I wanna peek at it when I get up at night to get a glass of water) and find a new home in my cabinets tomorrow.


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