Farmer's Market: Open

Today is the first day of the Farmer's Market that's closest to me. It's every Saturday from now through October. Excited, and sleepy (I didn't get many winks last night) I ventured over to the ATM and walked to see what's available. What really got my attention were the flowers. I really wanted peonies, but my allergies were acting up. Let me correct that, I really wanted one of everything, but couldn't get too much. The one thing I don't like about my apartment is that there's no balcony, and no direct sunlight.

I did see strawberries and rhubarb, but I'd made a tart a little while back and wasn't in the mood to make another one. Besides that, Thursday and Friday were my days off and I don't know next week's schedule yet, so I didn't want the produce to rot away in the veggie bin. I didn't walk away empty-handed, nor did I leave with anything exciting: beautiful spring onions, dried tart cherries (I just love these things), and a jasmine plant. I'm praying that it will survive inside, and if not, I'll have to send it to a good home. I may end up getting a grow bulb, but that sounds depressing. I may not be the gardener my mother is, but I get the urge play in the dirt every once in a while.

I am looking forward to next weekend since I get paid Friday. Lord help me at the market with a fist full of cash and an empty fridge!


Anonymous said…
Oh, lucky you! See if you can pick up a copy of D magazine. The entire issue is devoted to The Dallas Farmer's Market. Remember the last time you were there? I think it's in trouble because people are being asked to save it. I only purchased my copy last night and haven't had time to read the full story, but it's a copy that I'll read from cover to back, except for all of the dang ads. But we know it's the ads that pay for the stories.

Enjoy! (The Market and the Magazine)

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