A Change in Weather & Orchid Love

I went home for a long weekend and soaked up a lot of sun and ate quite a bit of food, though that was a rocky start. My first choice was Ninfas, and the location we drove to was closed (looks like for good), and my second choice was closed until dinner. My third choice, Landry's, was open, so we went there. It took some driving around, and I was starving by the time I got there, but as always, it was a nice experience. I didn't get any food shots (did I mention I was starving when I got there?), but I did get a pretty good shot of the mural on the back wall.

Although I didn't do anything really exciting (a trip to Wal-mart is exciting enough for me, since I don't have access here in the city), I enjoyed my time with my parents, eating, relaxing, sleeping in a real, but narrow bed, and the complete silence that is the suburbs. It was so quiet my ears hurt! Mom cooked a really great dinner Sunday night, but she wouldn't let me take photos of the cornbread. We had baked sole, cabbage, squash, and mom baked a blackberry pie which we topped with ice cream from Marble Slab Creamery. We had great rain-free weather, around 68º, sunshine and occasional light breezes.

I'd planned to cook for my family, but my parents wouldn't let me into the kitchen much. I did sneak down early Sunday morning and made omeletes for dad and myself. They turned out rather nice, and the pics were great. It's bliss photographing food in a kitchen that gets sunlight.

I love my mother's tripod and plan to get one as soon as I can. Which leads me to my newest obsession: orchids. I spent two days snapping away on the kitchen floor with a makeshift "studio." Many of the photos came out so well, some almost perfect except for some background flaws. My mom bought the orchid for a friend of hers and I took so many photos, it was crazy. I got some really great close shots which I'll upload to Flickr, and print out some to hang in my apartment.

Now I'm back in Chicago, 30º, snow on the ground (a light covering), wind. It's hard making the adjustment from warm to cold. I'm looking forward to 69º here. This time, the good-bye wasn't so difficult. Perhaps I'm finally growing up?


Emmie said…
That sounds like a nice holiday.Enjoyed reading your post. Do drop by my Love blog and lemme know if you like it.Cheers!!
Linda said…
photos from the plane are the best.

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