The Tardy Foodblogger's NaBloPoMo

Oh my. Where do I begin? It seems that in my mad week of working out at the gym, getting back home to eat, then rushing off to work for the past seven days, I've missed out on a few things.

1) Almost, my friend's birthday. It was last week and I'd planned to meet her and her friends at a new club to celebrate. But thanks to late customers and stuff to do, I got out late. She met me at a bar we used to go to for a shot. It was a short celebration, but at least we got to see each other. I didn't get a chance to make her creme brulee she wanted. I still have the base in the fridge.

2) The end of October. I did catch snippets of Halloween movies, which I love. I got to see the original movie The Fly and it was pretty cool.

3) Almost missed the changing of the clocks. I think every electronic I own changed over except my cell phone, but in my confusion from waking up I still had to call dad to check. Things got more confusing when I punched in at work. The time clocks hadn't changed yet. Mental fogs are not fun.

4) NaBloPoMo, or National Blog Posting Month. Catching up on blog reading today I came across The Tardy Foodblogger's NaBloPoMo on Michelle's the accidental scientist blog. At least I can begin today.

A week ago Saturday I went to the last Farmer's Market and bought apples to make more apple bread for a friend's mother, lots of dried tart cherries (ate one bag in about 2 days), one bag of dried cranberries (for the apple bread), and chestnut flour. In between working, working out, watching some tv, falling asleep, and trying to eat, I've been tossing around ideas about how to use it. Hopefully I'll get to bake and share soon.

I did get out to a restaurant, posted about it in my last blog posting. Notice anything lately? No photos. I know, I know. My camera is in the closet (unless it got upset over being neglected and walked out) and I haven't touched it since Colorado I believe. I'm sure we will reunite soon.

Good news: I lost about 4 pounds. I am proud.

My brain is frazzled. I had a hard day on Wednesday. I felt like I didn't do anything right according to chef. At one point, I was almost afraid to take a breath. Amazingly, the parties got done, and the restaurant orders as well. But, at the end of the night, she said that I did a great job so I guess that means I can stay. These seven day work weeks do put a strain on me. I know some people have done longer weeks, But I always find it to be more stressful when you start a job anyway, trying to learn and remember, and figure things out, not to mention putting in the actual work involved. I've learned a lot, but I know that there's sooooo much I still need to learn in terms of production.

We had a steward's sale at work. I bought 6 really nice wine glasses (usually $10 each, I checked) for $1 each, and a couple of plates, small tea cups, and a 6" baking pan.

Well, that's all I can squeeze out of my brain at the moment. Now I'm going to finish catching up on everything else I missed!


michelle said…
Hi! Congrats on your new job, and on the four pounds! You're better than I for squeezing in a workout even on your busy days (and they do sound like incredibly busy days). I, on the other hand, missed my workout today and instead ate a delicious brownie soaked in chocolate-ale-caramel sauce. I probably gained four pounds today! I think you'll be good inspiration...thanks for being tardy with me!

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