In the Mood

For baking, that is. Unfortunately, I'm missing some key ingredients such as cinnamon and eggs. I'm taking care of the mise en place for everything else so that I can bake tomorrow. Good news is that I get to go to the Spice House again! I'm excited.

I'm also excited because I have the cracker recipe from my restaurant. I know you're probably thinking, what's the big deal about a bunch of crackers? But, they're so good. We make them for our cheese plate. Plain and thyme. Anyway, they are addicting. Maybe I'll make some tomorrow and pick up some cheese from Whole Foods.

Things are getting easier at work. The only thing I'm having a bit of trouble with is getting things done at the end of the night. When I leave at 10:30, I have to clean the bakeshop, inventory the croissants (butter and chocolate), ice cream, and tray up the croissants for the next day as well as for parties. I also have to dish up butter and cream cheese if needed. I try to finish up production so I can start at 9:30, but lately the parties and diners end up ordering desserts at that time of night, so I'm trying to get it all done in 40 minutes instead (or less). So the last part of my day is me rushing around so that I don't run into overtime.

Well, I must finish getting everything ready for tomorrow. I'm charging my batteries so that I can take pictures to share.


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