Bumpy Road

I've had a difficult time lately. I haven't been sleeping well, sometimes staying awake until after sunrise (6:30 - 7:00 am), doze for a couple of hours, get up and go to work, only to start all over again. I think things are settling down now (fingers crossed), since I've been falling asleep around 3:00 am the past couple of nights.

Work was pretty exciting today. Early in the evening there was a fire on the line bad enough that it had to be shut down and everything was moved into the kitchen to the IRD (In Room Dining) line. Thank God for that second line. But then IRD was shut down. The good thing was the fire was contained, we didn't need to evacuate, and we only had about 49 on the books. I gotta hand it to those guys, they rocked and rolled and everything went out pretty well as far as I could see.

Thanksgiving is coming up. I really haven't started cooking or even planned anything at this point. I'm working 8 days straight ending tomorrow and am off Thursday and Friday. I'm tired, but not completely exhausted. I had planned to cook, go to the Thanksgiving parade that morning, relax, and call my family. You won't find me shopping on Friday because I know it'll be crazy out there.

I'd thought about baking and mailing cookies this year, but I've changed my mind. I think I'll make candies instead. That's all I've planned as far as Christmas is involved. I haven't even thought about gift shopping. This will be my first Christmas away from my family. For a while, I was down about it, but I am working through it. It'll be tough this year.

Well, I have to go through my candy recipes, narrow it down to four and start planning.


artisansweets said…
ohhh...mmmmmm... candy! Add me to your mailing list!
Jasmine said…
Oh, take care of yourself...

Mochene said…
artisansweets-I'm sure I'll have enough left over to mail to at least a dozen people!

jasmine-Today is my first day off back in the city. I'm gonna be lazy as much as I can.

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