"I Pity the Fool" and Creme Brulee

So I'm having a bit of a tiff online with a friend about the difference in price and food dining experience and quality. It seems that I've been labeled a Food Snob and that's a shame. He asked me what I'd had for dinner and I told him that I ate at Atwood Cafe, a nice little hotel restaurant not far from where I live and shop. The conversation ended like this:

There is a difference. And I'm not offended that you want to call me a snob. I wear the title proudly.

its nothing to boast about - but i dont hate you....just pity you a bit

I'm pitied, and I'm assuming, from his standpoint, a fool. So, according to my friend, there is no difference in the quality, and, actually, cheaper "fast food" is better than the stuff you get when you pay higher prices at finer dining establishments. Also, he said something to the effect that he would be ashamed to say that he spent that much money on food, especially when he could get a weeks worth of food for what I paid (why, pray tell, did he ask then?). I simply told him that there is a difference between "fast food" and even casual dining and more fine dining experiences and that I wasn't ashamed of the fact that I can afford to have those experiences. It seems that he thinks it's ok to try to convince me to be ashamed of the fact that I have money and can appreciate an "expensive" meal, and yet I can't tell him that if he hasn't experienced it for himself, he really can't back up his argument.

Anyway, I'm searching for the perfect coconut vanilla creme brulee recipe, like the one served at RA Sushi. I never really cared for the dessert until recently, and theirs is a really good one. No matter how full of fish and edamame I am, I still have room for dessert! Not one for custard desserts, creme brulee is silky in texture, not like creme carmel (too eggy for my tastes). I am making a rather plain (in my opinion) vanilla version for my friend's birthday, at her request, in a larger pan for some friends of hers. I'll have to let you know how that turns out. My only regret is that I don't have any vanilla beans, just the extract. I bought my torch and two oval dishes last week and can hardly wait to try them out.

Well, I suppose I should make the base so I can get in the bed soon, though that won't make a difference. I won't fall asleep before 5 in the morning anyway.


marias23 said…
Hmmm... never been to Atwood Cafe but would love to try it once or twice. I heard they have really good versions of comfort food, such as chicken pot pie.

I can understand your viewpoint and your friend's too. I have my different moods: sometimes, I just like to splurge a bit on dining, y'know, at places that have good service, nice decor and great ambience in addition to good food. Other times, I just want good food with fast service like the restaurants at Chinatown.

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