Farmer's Market and Life at the New Place

This morning I went to the Farmer's Market, the last day of the season. As the wind blew away paper signs, tent coverings, and the last of the morning's drowsiness, I bought apples and chestnut flour (on impulse). I've never made anything with chestnut flour and the first chestnut I ate was one of those that are in the jar, which I thought were awful. But I'm already knocking around ideas for the flour and am hoping I come upon something delightful. I also bought 4 bags of dried cherries and one bag of dried cranberries to make apple bread for a friend and his mother.

Now that I have the platings down at the new restaurant, I need to work on speed. Which is good in theory, because I do a good enough job, but for some reason, when we get a good rush, sometimes my mind abandons me and I think, oh great, what goes where? But it's a good team, I have backup if I need it and things are going well. We got a review from the Chicago Tribune and we came out with 3 1/2 stars (out of four), the first Chicago restaurant to get such a high rating. My dad said good thing I was there, otherwise, they would have gotten only 2 stars! I'm grateful that I am at such a wonderful place, where I can test my skills, hone them, and learn more. My chef and sous chef give great constructive criticism in such a positive light.

My quenelles are getting better, but I still need practice for perfection! I'm still learning a lot of production, and we have I think three new desserts for the lounge, so that's still more new stuff to learn.

Well, It's that magical hour. I should at least start a movie so I can ease into sleepiness.


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