Midnight Snacking

Well, honestly, it is closer to 1:30 than midnight, but still hunger strikes. And, of course, there's nothing in the fridge, since I cleared it out earlier today. But, necessity is the mother of invention, and I did have the makings of a bechamel-based cheese sauce and, of course, Kraft American singles. Always having pasta on hand, I chose penne (I rarely use elbow macaroni).

So, after making a sauce I've never made before (it's simple, I know, and I've seen it done, I'd just never attempted to do it myself), I sat down to eat and thought to myself, why not take a pic and see what happens? I actually got a pretty decent shot before my food got cold.

Now I'm going to go watch Romeo & Juliet, eat my bowl of comfort food and settle down for sleep.


Jasmine said…
I hate to say this, but what's intriguing me right now is the bottle in your picture. It looks like Jones Soda makes green tea. I've not seen it up here (I keep signing over my firstborn to the gourmet shop so I can get a bottle of their regular soda)...I must keep my eyes out for that one.

Mochene said…
That's quite alright. I "discovered" them one night after work at a store across the street from the restaurant. I usually don't go into this particular chain, but a friend wanted some fruit . . . Anyway, Jones does carry a new line (new to me anyhoo) of flavored Green Tea beverages. I picked up Mandarin and Berry. I must say, they are slightly sweetened and to me it distracted my taste buds. The berry flavored tea was nice, but I couldn't taste any "Mandarin" in the other tea. I had to take a sip and read the label to make sure.

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