Thursday, August 03, 2006


Ok, so I did say it was too hot to cook, but I ended up baking last night, after the sun went down. I made chocolate cupcakes and experimented with frosting. My goal was to come up with a good chocolate coconut buttercream, but while the frosting I ended up with was edible, it didn't possess that wow effect I was looking for. Sprinkling some coconut on top did help with the coconut flavor, but I really wanted a stand alone buttercream.

And yes, the photo isn't great, but I wasn't very inspired to take a great pic this time around. Perhaps when I try this experiment again?

Please, dear readers, forgive my half-assed attempts to bake, photo and post. Next time, I promise, to do better.

Now, I must go to the store to get some pineapple juice. I'm making pina coladas with the leftover cream of coconut.

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