Adventures At Work

Well, I made it through another week. The highlights are:

Saturday night we had a wedding reception for about 145. Nothing unusual about that, but around 6 there was a loud BOOM! and the lights went out. For about 4 hours. We had to move the reception to the restaurant where we could use the natural light. We also had to draw out the reception so that they could work on restoring power. The lights came back on and things went off ok after that.

I ate my first oyster. I'm as surprised as you are (mom & dad). I'm sure the shot of Seagrams that followed the shot of oyster helped. It wasn't too bad, the way it was served, and I didn't get sick afterwards.

Now I'm off and waiting for a friend to come over. Don't know where we'll end up going out to eat, but maybe it'll be something exciting.


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