More Info on The ORC and a Bit of History

After more research, here's what I could find. This place so far south, it seems to be in the middle of nowhere. I did tell my friend that I would pay for her gas if she would take me even it only once every other month!

Ok,Chicago's Very Own: The Original Rainbow Cone

Jane Boal

August 12, 2005

If you're looking for a delicious way to cool off during this unusually hot summer, Jane Boal takes us to the south side to experience The Original Rainbow Cone.

"Every summer we have to come for Rainbow," says one customer.

Licking Rainbow cones on hot summer days has been a Chicago tradition for nearly 80 years.

"It tastes, uh," says Malaura, age 7.

"Like the color of the rainbow!" says Eric, age 5.

Since 1926 the 'The Original Rainbow Cone' on Chicago's south side has been piling up and serving layers and layers of this unique treat to ice cream lovers.

Dolores Lulinski works nearby and has been coming to The Original Rainbow Cone for. . .

" least 50 years- ha ha ha, it's hard to believe," Dolores says.

Current Owner, Lynn Sapp-Stenson says customers line up all the way down the block during busy times.

"I'm the 3rd generation," Stenson says.

"People still line up today like they did before to come and get ice-cream, but now they don't wear suit and ties and hats, ha ha ha. This is my grandfather that started the business," Stenson says.

Lynn's grandfather, Joseph Sapp came up with the idea to slice and layer the ice-cream so that all five flavors could be enjoyed in one bite.

Joe Sapp was an orphan who worked in the nearby fields. He wanted a fruit and nut combination of ice cream... so he developed the recipe, including the Palmer House flavor, which is a cherry and walnut in vanilla.

"Okay I'm making a rainbow with chocolate, strawberry, Palmer House, pistachio, and then I'm gonna top with some orange sherbet and that's the Original Rainbow Cone, 80 years of tradition in Chicago," Stenson says.

The pink stucco building is located in the Beverly neighborhood, near 92nd on Western Avenue. They also offers food, hand made waffle cones, root beer floats, sundaes and a variety of ice-cream cakes.

Steve Strode is from Chicago, he says the ice cream is refreshing and the place is unlike most other ice cream parlors.

"It has more of an old fashioned kind of atmosphere here," Strode says.

One of Chicago's Very Own, 'The Original Rainbow Cone'- rich in local history and flavor.

The Original Rainbow Cone Company is requesting all past employees contact them for their upcoming 80th year celebration party. The Original Rainbow Cone (773) 238-7075.

The Original Rainbow Cone
9233 S. Western Ave. (near 92nd)
Chicago, IL 60620-6233
(773) 238-7075

(new location in Wisconsn - located behind Wausau Art & Framing)
The Original Rainbow Cone
Washington Square Mall
322 Third St.
Wausau, WI 54403
Copyright © 2006, WGN-TV

More info:
Rainbow Cone Turns 80

(I cut and pasted this and it was difficult not to correct a few things. I kept it original. I am more like my mother than I realize).


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