On the Mend?

I think maybe so. Something happened this past weekend at work, and anger, for some reason, was a catalyst for me. I couldn't sleep that night (I saw the sun come up Sunday morn') and I made meringues. But not just any meringues, something I'd conceived in my mind wanderings and nurtured with daydreams in the kitchen. My first batch, though not perfect in shape, were perfect in taste. And every day since, I've nibbled on 2, or 3, or 5, just to keep the dream alive.

I went to the store to buy cream of tartar, you know, that stuff you use to help stabilize whipped egg whites? One tiny bottle was more than $7 and another was more than $6! Coming out of my price daze, I took a glance at the rest of the spices; $10+ for some of them, not even the exotic ones! Since when did the price of spice skyrocket? Did I miss something in my misty food "depression" or whatever it was? Are they trying to shock me into a coma? Perhaps if I'm mentally well enough, I'll venture down to the Spice House.

Well, once I've smoothed out the recipe, I'll take pics and post everything here.

Meanwhile, our new dessert menu starts this week. I'm excited, though I've only glimpsed one of the platings.

Oh, I did dream that Angelina and Brad brought Shiloh over to my place for a visit. Teehee.

Tonight I went to eat with my friend Tina at a sports bar. I watched the game (Miami won) and saw highlights of the Astros game (Houston won). I remember being so uninspired while looking at the menu, thinking "I make so much of this crap at work (when I work Garde Manger)," that I almost lost my appetite, but I managed to find something to eat.

Well, tomorrow holds promise. Maybe I'll get some baking done. My birthday is next week and I'm debating whether or not to make myself a cake.


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