Food Update

I miss food. I mean, I miss it more than anything else. I miss our "intimate" moments, those of pure bliss where my taste buds explode from the wonderful flavors and mouth feel! Tonight I had a burrito and cheese fries and for the first time, I wasn't sickened by food. But that could be the fact that I'd had something to drink earlier tonight. I dunno. But my friend took me to get something to eat.

I've been visiting my favorite food blogs and it just isn't the same. Something is missing and it's quite disappointing.

My birthday is coming up and I have the day off. Usually, I'd go to Maggiano's and then to the Ale House, but this year, I'm thinking of trying out a new place, but I don't know where. Part of the reason I'm not sure is I'm not really in the mood for anything, but I had tuna and wasabi with soy sauce yesterday and the wasabi actually cut through the apathy and made me feel something. . . But that was then. I quickly tired of the tuna and moved on.

It's bedtime for me. Maybe tomorrow I'll find something food worthy to write about.


Jasmine said…
Oh Mochene...

Don't force will come back.

I think there's something going aren't the first food blogger to say this lately.

Mochene said…
Thanks for the encouragement. I think I'm on the mend already.

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