Farmers Market

It's after 5:30 in the morning and I just got home. They're starting to set up for the Farmer's Market and I hope I get up in time and am in the mood to go out and see what they have. I was excited about the Market a couple of months ago. It's raining and is supposed to rain all day, so I may not get any photos this week.

There's always next week, right?

* * * * * * * * * *

Can't sleep, so I'm adding on to this entry.

Anyway, the major club street is blocked off on Saturday mornings, and the Market starts at 7:00 am until about 2:00 I believe. It's nice because the quiet is what wakes me up, isn't that funny? They block off a couple of blocks on the major street and people from as far as Michigan come and set up and sell their produce and flowers. I discovered this quite by accident a couple of years ago. My roommate and I had gone out and she'd lost her wallet, so we went back to the club the next day and that's how I came to know the Farmer's Market. It runs on Saturdays only here, but downtown I think they're there twice a week, I want to say. It's wet and cold here, high is supposed to be 57ยบ, but with the wind, that's easily in the forties. If I don't get to bed soon, I won't wake up in time to go out, and even if I do get up, with the rain and wind, I may not really want to go out. I'm kinda hoping against hope that seeing the fresh produce and all will inspire something. Who knows. I know I'll definitely go next week even if all I do is take photos to post here.

Well, my window is open. It's time to go snuggle under the covers and see what happens. I wish I could snuggle all day, but alas, I have to go to work tomorrow afternoon.



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