Birthday Celebration for a Foodie

Of course you know you're a Foodie when most of your birthday gifts are food related. Yes, it's true. I got a cookbook: Fran Bigelow's Pure Chocolate, and three culinary inspired books: Letters to a Young Chef by Daniel Boulud, Eating My Words by Mimi Sheraton, and The Herb & Spice Companion by Marcus A. Webb, Richard Craze. I did get some jewelry, a charm necklace from pagliei. The charm? An apple turnover! I discovered the site on Chubby Hubby's food blog.

The highlight of the day was my dinner at Kevin Restaurant, where I'd done a stage for a part-time gig back in November (before I got the job I have now). My friend joined me and I was happy that she was able to join me. The restaurant itself is gorgeous, and the food was executed to perfection. We shared the Tartare of Tuna, and she had the White and Green Asparagus Salad while I had the Corn Chowder. Our entrees were Sauteed Yukon King Salmon for me and Grilled Buffalo Ribeye and Roasted Grass Fed Red Angus Ribeye for her. I got a really nice warm strawberry tart. The rest of the photos are on Flickr.

After dinner we headed to the Ale House, but Dave wasn't there (again), so I left his cake with another guy who covered for him, telling him that if Dave didn't get it in the next day, he could have it! We met up with a few other people and had fun, drinking and talking before heading to a bar closer to home where some of us danced and others sat at the bar and chatted. I think everyone had a good time and I'm happy. It was a pretty mixed crowd and I'm glad that no one was bored or anything.

This is the first year I've celebrated without my family. At the very least, I would be with my mom or my dad. I missed them, but I know they were thinking of me.


Jasmine said…
Happy belated birthday, my dear!

Food prezzies are always appreciated by those of us with elevated taste :)

Mom said…
We're so glad that Boo has friends who love her!

Mom, Simon and Minuet

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