I Can Think Clearly Now

It's my second day off and I can finally think with clarity. I was a bit muddled last week and yesterday. I have to go run errands today, stuff I didn't do yesterday. Yes, again I spent the day in bed, recharging my batteries. Watched tv, finished watching Crash and just lollygagging.

I have to buy a new paring knife. Somehow, the dishwashers lost my other one. All this time they've cleaned and returned it, this time that didn't happen. I've had this knife since school, so it holds (or held as the case is now) memories for me. So I'm justified in going to Sur La Table to buy a Shun paring knife. I should get two: one for the station, and one to use in back with my prep work, because I sometimes forget to take it with me when an order comes in. Maybe two is too much justification. Maybe I'll buy this one, and when I go back to work, the other one will miraculously reappear!

Let's see, what else do I need do to? Oh, yeah, buy food, take care of some mail, get my paperwork in order . . . I want to go to Northwestern Cutlery, but I tend to see so many things in there I want to buy. I hope to get out to see a movie also, but who knows?

I think I'm lazy. Oh, I baked three moon pies from the batter I made last week and ate them last night. I was only going to have one, then ok, I'll have two, then a while later, I figured that last one was lonely and wondering what happened to the other two. So, out of compassion, I ate him too. They were all happy in my tummy. Reunited and it feels so gooooood! I'll have to bake more and take pics, but it's grey out so the lighting isn't good.

Mother's Day brunch they're expecting twice what we had for Easter brunch. I will be going in earlier that day as well, so I will have to prepare, energy drinks and vitamins. Wish me luck.

Hopefully next week I'll be able to cook something wonderful or bake something sinful and post pics and have something yummy to write about.


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