Another Day at Work

I'm too tired to come up with a cute title. And excuse any typos, though I'm anal enough to go through this and try to check any errors. Thank my mother and my Type A personality.

I'm home. I stopped by the Ale House, but F**k it I'm home. I'm tired, walked into overhanging branches and almost into scaffolding, but I'm here in one piece. (I only had one drink, thankyouverymuch).

I worked 13 hours today. Good for the pay, but I'm pretty much burning out. The morning crew is great; The morning GM guy set up my station for me and everything. I was having a great day until the evening crew came in. The PM GM was b*tching and complaining and servers were coming back to the kitchen to ask me to do desserts. Simple sh*t, so I went up to see what was going on. Not a d*mn thing. The Hot Apps guy was in GM, and the GM guy was on the hot side f*cking around. I asked Hot Apps if they were in the weeds and he said no. I told him to get the GM guy to handle desserts. Then I went back to the back and asked the Sous chef if a couple of desserts was rocket science. I almost went to the freezer for some choice words. I was shaking, I was so angry. That and the fact that I'd had an all natural energy drink and no food for hours.

Two things you learn in this industry: cursing and drinking. I try not to curse at work, I'm trying to cut out my potty mouth period, but sometimes people test your patience. Drinking, well, I'm not on my way to being an alcoholic, but sometimes I would like a bottle of something to knock myself out, and I don't mean hitting myself over the head. I've always been a good student, so I'm learning well. Babysitting fellow workers drives me crazy; that's something I did when I was younger (babysitting), not something you do in the restaurant business.

Anyway, tomorrow I go in early again. I think it'll be 11 hours. My left knee hurts, like it's bending too far in the opposite direction. I dream about work when I sleep, I work when I'm awake, or am on my way to or from that place. Now I know how the long hours are, and I'm not complaining, maybe I am, but not about the work, but about the people, and yet, I'm still happier there than at any other job I've worked.

Well, it's time I put myself to bed. I have to be back there in less than 12 hours.

God bless you all for reading my rant


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