Unfortunately folks, it seems that I am suffering from food depression. I don't know if it's because my allergies are acting up and I can't taste things properly (or the fact that excess mucus makes eating gross), or if I'm just burnt out. I went to the grocery store yesterday and forgot how to grocery shop-I had to call my dad for suggestions. Tonight I had sushi with my friend and her daughter. I called her around 8 and suggested sushi since oddly (even more odd than my food depression), is that I was craving it. Now this is a first for me; usually Tina ends up talking me into it, and I eat it, even act like a grown up about it. I had wanted to go to a little place down the street from my, Jia's Chinese cuisine & sushi bar, but we ended up going to Para II. I had an order of California rolls, one piece each of tako (octopus), sake (salmon), and kani (crab). The wasabi was good for my sinuses, but immediately upon leaving the restaurant, they seized up on me. Just what I deserved, I suppose. I came back home and tried to put my home back together. I forgot that you didn't know: I'd bought and assembled a book case a few nights ago, and went through boxes and my storage ottoman to put my books on the shelves. It feels more like home, and I'm excited to have my books out where I can see them. Anyway, I got a craving for dessert, went to Walgreens across the street where I bought some Dove ice cream bars with almonds. I ate only one of the three, finished watching "The Island" and cleared off the bed.

I don't know when I'll come out of my funk, but I hope it's soon. I have promised various people I would make them some brownies, I was supposed to bake Easter cookies for my mom, and I wanted to try some experimenting, but I just can't do it. Not feeling like this; not without energy, not without passion.

The only photo I have for you is one of the pancakes I ate earlier today. Don't get excited: I'd made them days ago, they are leftovers. They were still pretty good. Until I get my groove back, enjoy!


Jasmine said…

Hope you are feeling more like yourself soon..

Mochene said…
Me too. I can't stand not loving food. It's like I've had a disagreement with someone I'm dating and we're not speaking to each other. LOL.

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