Chocolate & Chinatown Delights

I didn't get to sleep until after 6 this morning. Yes, I saw the sun coming up and it was nice, except for the fact that I didn't sleep. So, knowing that the sun made it home safely, I rolled over, covered my head with sheets and comforter, and dozed. Got up in time to meet my friend downtown, and spend a bit of money before she got finished with her appt.

First stop was Moonstruck Chocolate Co. Great place, first visit was almost a year ago. Can't go too often, otherwise I'll just keep eating chocolate, and that's not the best solution for anything. Last time I was there was for my birthday, and I bought a cherry vanilla milkshake. Can't remember if it was also malted or not, but it was delicious, topped off with whipped cream, chocolate bits (almost like cocoa nibs) and a dark chocolate "coin." They have the cutest little truffles. I bought one shaped and decorated like a dog for my friend since we are in the year of the dog. I almost bought one for myself; instead I bought two other delights before tearing myself away: the French Silk Mousse (heavenly, I ate it when I started typing this thing) and an Ocumarian Logo Truffle, which has a hint of chile. I bit into it and waited for the heat. Then, wow! It packs a punch, but it's not a firey hell. I got half-way through that one and I'm already wanting more chocolate.

There is something I must confess. The one silent guilt that I carry is this: though I love chocolate, I have no patience working with it. Tempering that luscious goodness causes me to lose my temper, and that's not good. Maybe in a few years I'll work with a chocolatier and learn the trade, but until then, I'll buy my chocolate truffles and bake wonderful, chocolatey desserts.

Second stop was Chinatown. Of course, when I go with my friend Tina, it's not just one restaurant we go to. No, we go one place for her to buy something to eat at home, then another place where we place an order to go for some sort of dessert she wants me to try, then to the restaurant where we will have lunch. We discuss the menu, she orders, then remembers to go pick up the other order. I sit and wait. When she returns, she insists that I try one even before we eat. She promises to share one with me if I find one too filling. Of course, by the time she says this, she's had one, and so I eat my one alone. They are a sponge cake, like the jellyroll, with some sort of filling, I don't know. They were nice and warm and light and delicious!

We lunched at (don't I sound high society) a place called New Coco in Chinatown. We started with vegetable soup and Chinese flower tea, but didn't have to wait long for our entrees. I had fish and vegetables with wide noodles, and Tina had the crabs, and we shared a nice vegetable soup. I was full before she was, of course, so I had to watch her finish off the some sort of crab dish, not sure how it was prepared. See, when we go, she orders in Chinese and I just go along with it. She knows what I like and we discuss what we're in the mood for before we even get to a restaurant. It was a new restaurant for both of us.

Back to downtown to go to the art supply store, then to her school. By now I have to pee and my chin is supported by my wobbly hand, trying to balance my elbow on the drafting table. I need a nap like a cardiac arrest patient needs an EMT. We head to another art supply store, but I tell her that I have to make it to Sur La Table before they close and head out.

Third stop, Sur La Table. As I approach the store, I see that Food Network's Giada de Laurentiis from "Everyday Italian" and "Behind the Bash" will be in town next week for a book signing. I'd love to go. So now I have to buy a book and make sure I'm there early. She's only there for an hour. I browse, and buy some cookie cutters for Easter. My mom wants me to do a basket for the people who fill her prescriptions. I didn't find the set of cutters they had advertised online (copper set of three: rabbit, chick, and flower), only the individual cutters, but they sold them to me as a set, which was good.

So now I'm home, grabbing a quick bite to eat before I meet my friend again tonight. I'm tired. I need rest. I have to do laundry. But what do I do? Yeah, you got it.

Photos from today's meal will be up on Flicker hopefully tonight if you're interested. Sorry, but the chocolates didn't get photographed. Maybe next time?


lee said…
My boyfriend just brought me back some Moonstruck chocolates from Chicago. Sooooo good! I'm going to eat the last one right now...
Mochene said…
Funny, I just saw someone with a Moonstruck bag today on the red line. I think I'm going there tomorrow, or at least on Wednesday. I keep thinking about those chocolates. . .

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