Sugar Cravings

More accurately, chocolate cravings. Why did I make doughnuts when I was craving chocolate cupcakes? Well, first, I didn't have everything I needed (or did I. . .) and I didn't want a bunch of cupcakes sitting around taunting me. Secondly, the doughnuts were quicker to make, and I can keep the remaining batter in the fridge. Don't get me wrong, I'm still daydreaming about moist, dense, fudgey chocolate cake with white chocolate buttercream, but I'm going to hold off making that until next week. I hope.

I used the recipe we use at the restaurant which is found on Epicurious. I'd finally tried one the other night, because I was a bit bored and a bit curious. It was delicious! I like them plain, but just for fun, when I made them tonight, I tossed them in powdered sugar. I regret that decision, because they were too sweet for my taste. I had to wash them down with orange juice, the tartness of which helped tone them down.

Now that that's over, I'm going to "detox" with broccoli (I always crave salty after sweet, and vice versa) and Citron Oolong tea.


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