I Can't Believe I Ate the Whole Thing!

I got this at work. My plan was to eat half and take the rest home for lunch tomorrow. I started eating, then a dessert order came in. About then I was halfway through, and when I went back to the private dining room, I was only going to eat a couple more bites of veggies, I swear! But I must have blinked because I'd finished it. I was so full! The guy who cooked it for me couldn't believe I ate it all either. I waddled to the subway. I guess he can't call me "Small Portion" anymore.


Jasmine said…
Hi M!

What a great blog!--the soup and ravioli looked great and your writing draws me in.

be back soon :)

Mochene said…
Thanks Jasmine, you're my first comment! I'm glad you enjoy my blog. See you soon!

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