Hershey's Hot Cocoa: Revisited

Last night I was in bed and couldn't sleep. I needed something comforting, but not too filling. Working on my word search puzzle, I thought about hot chocolate, but didn't want to go through all that trouble. You know, getting out the bittersweet chocolate, then the brown sugar, adding spices, whisking until frothy, yada, yada, yada. Then, it came to me: Hershey's Hot Cocoa. I used to make it a lot as a child and loved it. Now, as an adult, my sophisticated tastes shunned cocoa, but last night I was desperate. I pulled out my container of Hershey's European Style Dutch Processed Cocoa (ok, so I'm still a snob, it's not the regular cocoa) and made double to recipe on the box and put it into a bottle. I steeped a cinnamon stick for a few minutes before making the cocoa and added a little heavy cream to the milk. It was delish! I am having another cup tonight.


Leslie said…
I love baking and cooking. I am Swedish so I am always looking for Scandinavian recipes. Great work here.
Lori said…
I've always loved hot cocoa, and when I was a kid, I thought Swiss Miss couldn't be beat. Now that I've discovered the beauty of melting hot chocolate in a pan and mixing in some milk, hot cocoa is still tops for me.
Mochene said…
Thanks leslie. I think I've come across maybe on e or two Scandinavian recipes through people from school, but I haven't baked anything.

I loved Swiss Miss too lori. Especially the one with the mini marshmallows. The things we loved as children.

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