Ice Cream & Sorbet of the Day

Chef told me to make an ice cream and sorbet of the day for next week. I ended up making White Chocolate Ice Cream and Lemon Sorbet with Tarragon and Vanilla. I wanted to make the sorbet with mint, but we didn't have any, nor any basil. I'd almost given up, was going to make a strawberry lemonade sorbet, but I talked to one of the Sous Chefs and he suggested tarragon, so I experimented with it and he helped me tweak it. Turned out damn good. Now I have to make it again and standardize the recipe (I didn't measure the tarragon, nor the extra simple syrup I used) and I want to make candied zest for the garnish. No pics since I didn't plate it tonight, but I'll try to take some next week. Today inspired me again as far as frozen desserts go. I want to get the KitchenAid ice cream maker attachment, but I have to wait to see how my finances fall. Paid off two credit cards, I'm on a roll and hope to be able to shop on good behavior.

Well, I'm having a bite to eat and my standard orange juice before bed (bad, I know).


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