Fait Accompli!

I have been having trouble with my appetite lately, so when I thought about what I wanted to eat, I got a craving for Potato & Leek Soup, so I made a big pot of it to last me a couple of days. It's one of my favorite comfort soups and I really needed some comfort.

  • Smoky Mushroom Ravioli with Caramelized Onion & Goat Cheese Sauce
  • recipe has been submitted to TeaChef and I am proud of it. January's tea was Lapsang Souchong. In my previous blog, I commented on how smoky it smelled. I almost didn't like it, but when I brewed it, I got a nice surprise. The tea wasn't as smoky and the flavor is something I can't quite describe. I am glad that I have enough tea to enjoy many more cups and try other new recipes. I can hardly wait to get the next tea. The photos, which I took with the new camera, turned out rather nicely as well. I still have to get used to using the different settings, but with all new relationships, there's a "getting to know you" period. I've uploaded and organized the pics. The past few days have been quite busy, but at least I'm staying out of trouble!

    I made a couple of cookie doughs while I was "in the mood" the other day. I shaped them into logs, cut them into sections and froze them for future baking. So when I have a craving, I just have to cut off a few slices, pop them in the oven, et voila, freshly baked cookies! I made chocolate chip, which is always nice to have, and the second was an experiment. I found some hazelnuts in the freezer, made hazelnut butter and made cookies from that. I have to bake some more and share them so that I can get more opinions. I think they're perfect, myself. They're so rich, I have to make them small. But that didn't keep me from eating the first four I baked! I was so excited about the cookies, that I rushed to bake the second batch and I flattened the dough balls right from the fridge, so they cracked, which I don't like.

    I still have ravioli filling and am going to finish making the little dough pockets and freeze them for another time. My freezer is so packed, it's crazy! Never again can I say that I've nothing to eat. Most of what's in there isn't edible, it's henna, and then there's all the butter I bought on sale-good thing too, it's now $5.50 a pound! The rest: flours, walnuts, some veggies, stuff like that.

    Well, I'd better finish my ravioli and get ready for bed. Three more days of work ahead!


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