12 Hours

That's about how long I slept. I was in bed sometime after 10:00, I know that much, and woke at almost 10 in the morning. But it was far from a restful slumber.

I had a series of work dreams. I was working, of course-my body was still in the restaurant-and every time I needed something, plates, glasses, more desserts, running for something for one of the other guys, I would awaken with a start, sit up in bed, confused, then realize I was dreaming, and fall back asleep. This was my pattern last night, though I couldn't tell you how frequently I tossed and woke.

Last night, needless to say, was busy. GM was quite so, and desserts were selling as well. The hotel is busy; at one point (was it last night or the night before?) they were at full capacity. Room service was working our tails as well. Now, I got my phone day before yesterday which was fine. I hadn't told a lot of people I'd had it, so I wasn't expecting anyone to call. Chef called me at 9 yesterday morning to ask if I could come in at noon instead of 1:00. No one is safe if they have a phone. So, instead of going to the store to get food, I went in to work. Stayed, of course, until 9:30. I was so tired yesterday, I was hallucinating and at one point, was laughing hysterically. Yes, hallucinating. I had a plate in my hand and turned to put it in the window for the server when I saw the whole counter slide off of the wall. I stopped with a start, realized I was merely going crazy, and thanked God no one noticed. I'm glad I made it home. I hurt so much, I couldn't stand it; I just got in the bed, watched some of the movie I'd started the night before, and finally fell into my second shift slumber.

While today is quite beautiful, I've no money (got paid today and paid most of my bills) so I don't know if I should go out into the Tempting City or just do what I need to do and come right back home. I know once I get into the grocery store, I'll spend anyway. I need to get some things for work and for the house.

Ahhh. At least I can stay away from the restaurant for two days.


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